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“I went to a dozen psychics over the last few weeks to tell me if me and this guy were going to be an item after I went to stay with him for two weeks. They all told me that it was going to happen. That he’s in love with me. And that he’d come back with me. You were the only one that told me I was blinded by illusions and that it would not end in my favor. That it would be a disaster. You urged me not to go stay with him. You were the only one that was accurate and you don’t even do this for a living! You’re more psychic than these others that I’ve shelved out money for this past month. I should’ve listened, but thank you for not telling me what I wanted to hear, but what I needed to hear.”

This is from the same woman that came to me a couple weeks ago and was featured in my “Ask Jagger” advice column. To read that very long piece and the outcome click here  

I also want to ad that we are all psychic.  I’m not a trained professional.  I simply state what I hear and know.  If one wants to call that psychic then so be it.

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