My current path at this point; Unity; The Dreamer; The Magician

My current path at this point on my journey

1 – Unity (archangel Sandalphon)

This is me.  Healer. Mystic.  Wise One.  Sharing my insights through my work.
*The Hierophant* Tarot

2 – Three of Fire
I’ve come full circle and completed a stage of major progress in spiritual growth and graduated to Teacher.
*Three of Wands*Tarot

3 – The Dreamer (archangel Metatron)
I have all I need (tools, etc) to move forward now. 
*The Fool*Tarot

4 – Knight of Air
Everything is going to happen very quickly and with great speed.
*Knight of Swords*Tarot 

5 – The Magician (archangel Raziel)
I can do anything.  I have the power now and to manifest whatever I want.   Time to write it all down now.  No more studying or procrastinating.  Walk in the opened door.
*The Magician*Tarot

6 – Queen of Air
I am clearing out everything & everyone that no longer serves me or holds me back.  I’ve changed and not the same person I was two years ago.  Congratulations.
*Queen of Swords*Tarot

7 – Renewal (archangel Jeremiel)
With all of this I am moving to the next plateau & receiving rewards. My Karma is officially balanced in this lifetime. 🙂

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