Ask Jagger: Where Can I Meet a Quality Guy?

Dear Jagger,

I wanted to find out the best place to meet a quality guy. The online dating sites have been ok, gay bars are sub-par and the sports leagues aren’t as good. I feel like I’ve tapped out the obvious resources. I’m starting to feel like I’m way too picky! I would love to get your opinion. What are some good ideas that I may be missing?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!



Dear Brad,

There’s nothing wrong with being picky to an extent as long as you realize that everyone is flawed. You’re not going to meet someone who is perfect in everyway. If you want to attract someone great, then you have to exude greatness yourself. First get rid of the desperation and anxiousness to meet someone as it rarely happens while in that state of mind. Avoid the obvious places where one is expected to go to when looking for a potential mate (online, the bars). Although internet dating has its advantages, the bars are always a big no-no.

Take an active interest in yourself and your own life and then he will show up when you least expect it. Start frequenting places that are aligned with your interests and hobbies. If you like books and reading, head to the bookstore or a library. If you like art and history, then frequent art museums and galleries. The odds are greater that you’ll bump into someone more on par with what you’re like than somewhere else. It’s also important that you don’t search for this person too diligently while at these places as you could negate the effects of him appearing. Remember that when you do bump into a handsome stranger and he’s giving you a warm smile, give him one back and say “hello”. Don’t look away as that sends him the wrong signal and remember that he may be hoping you make the move.

Go out there and start living your life and enjoying it without so much focus on ‘where can I meet someone?’ When you’re out there living every moment in gratitude with where you’re at, then you radiate a magnificent energy that immediately starts attracting people to you. Let go. Let flow.

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