Everyone is so self-consumed, self-interested with their bodies, consumed with their egos.

“I’ve watched this world blow up and become infatuated over trivia and bullshit in other people’s lives.  Who is fucking who over and who is doing porn?  While we’ve got people living in Ethiopia and Uganda who…they don’t give a damn about what they look like or if they feel validated.  They’re trying to feed their kids!  I’m sorry I hate to see that.  People in other cultures don’t have the opportunity to act like us.  People don’t have the opportunity to do that in fucking New Orleans right now.  Who cares what you look like!  We live in this bubble of a world and frankly I’m sick of it.  All we give a shit about is our ripped abs and our Botox and who is hot and who has had work done.  We are so fucking shallow.  We look at the rest of the world in such a limited point of view, but the biggest fucking drag is the self focus.  The focus of ‘it’s all about me’ and ‘how do I feel?’, and ‘am I validated?’, ‘am I okay in the world?’  Give me a break.  You know go build a house for homeless people in Zimbabwe or volunteer and then I’ll be impressed.  People are selfish, spoiled, obnoxious and uncaring human beings.  I’m fucking over it.  I’m done.

We did start as the greatest country ever.  We came here.  We struggled.  We suffered.  We made colonies. We made it to be a certain way.  We fought just like everybody else.  We fought to the death for our freedom.  We had a revolution, became a free society, broke the chains that bound us and wrote the declaration of independence.  We were all considered equal although I don’t know what happened with that.  We had honor.  We were good people.  Are we not supposed to look at the homeless guy down the street?  We’re like animals.  We’re not human anymore.  Actually I don’t think we’re any different than animals.  Oh wait, except we have intelligence and tend to choose free will.  Everyone is so self-consumed, self-interested with their bodies, consumed with their egos.”

From the Script Adaptation of the book Jagger’s Revolution….


The full length Jagger’s Revolution book:


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