Straight Men; Gay Men; Straight Women.


Guys need their quiet time. Straight men specifically don’t have the internal mechanisms to support complex emotional patterns. Where as a straight woman or gay man feels more normal when they have these different types of emotions going on all at the same time. They feel alive, but whereas for a straight man, he starts to get angry, fed up and just exhausted.

Gay Men/Straight Women get oxytocin released into the brain from very different sources. This is why they get a high off romance. A straight guy gets oxytocin released into the brain from only two places, long embraces and sex.

Now this is a broad generalization as I’m not getting into specifics as I’ve met many gay men whose behaviors are more like straight men.  And I’ve met just as many straight men who get a high off romance.  This post isn’t meant to be construed as sound advice or wisdom, but just some interesting at times noticeable behavior patterns.


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