Paint the Silence is a horror drama story

Paint the Silence – The new book by Kevin Hunter

Ruston Bock is a telepathic sleuth who is called in by a detective friend, Trinity Foyer, to ad some insight into catching a masked killer in the city of New Orleans. When he arrives he becomes stranded at the Granger Mansion, a place that houses an eccentric family. It’s there he comes into contact with Logan Granger, an icy member that does as he’s told and stays out of the way. He befriends Ruston in hopes of assisting him in cracking the secrets he’s lived with at the Granger ranch while simultaneously bringing the cities real killer to justice.

“Paint the Silence” is a horror, drama screenplay with graphic violent content.”




I totally just read “Paint the Silence” from cover to cover in one sitting
and absolutely LOVE IT!!! I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around how
you wrote something like that, but it does remind me of some other
movies you might enjoy watching such as “Red State” and some new
clips that CNN covered recently of polygamy in New Mexico. BRAVO
my dear friend, I am so proud of you!!! You did it with class and style!”

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