Testimonial from a Psychic I read for on this Full Moon in Aquarius energy

I don’t just write books, but I also sometimes give accurate readings for people by connecting to angels and guides.   I do this for fun and to help when it’s necessary.  It’s not something I do as a career, but something else I know how to do effortlessly.  We are all psychic, but many people develop all sorts of blocks after society has got a hold of you.  You are then unable to tap into the gifts that you were innately born with.  You can get it back as it truly never went away, but it does require a lifestyle change that is too elaborate for me to go into here.  I will put it in a book one day in the future.  Please don’t hit me up for a read though as its only something I do when I’m guided.

A testimonial from a psychic I read for…

“Wow Kevin!  I got back from my first weekend away in 4 years and found this in my email.  Talk about timely!  I really appreciate your taking the time to do this for me.  It all resonates as right on target, and mirrors the current concerns I have perfectly.  You are a talented reader and the guidance and love in the reading shined through so solidly.  There’s no questioning what this means, it’s clear as a bell.  Please allow me to do your next read as my gift to you in return for your energy.”

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