Exploring Sexuality: Heterosexual Male Fantasies

One of my straight male friends and I were hanging out one night talking.   We will call this friend James.   James was in his late twenties at the time when he confessed something to me I had never heard him say before.   He said that he has had periodic fantasies of what it would be like to sexually explore with another guy and had always wanted to try it at least once.   He knew that I was open sexually as I never attempted to hide it.   He said that if he were to try it that it would need to be with someone he trusted and felt comfortable with.   It turns out that I was that guy.

The proposal was on the table that when his girlfriend was to head out of town that I would consider his proposition.  We discussed it here and there over the course of time.  I allowed him to be confessional and open as I am with anybody.   I’m typically the one that others come to with their deepest darkest secrets.  At some point as they’re revealing hidden feelings to me they would say, “I don’t know what it is about you, but I feel like I can tell you anything and you don’t judge it.”

A couple of months had passed and James hit me up asking if I would come over to his place since his girlfriend was out of town for the weekend.   When I arrived he was slightly nervous.   He was rarely like that with me before, but this time knowing what he was intending to do was making him feel anxious, yet eager.  It was as if he were a teenage male virgin about to experience sex for the first time.  He had a football game on the big screen and was wearing his football jersey with cutout standees of a couple of his favorite players in the living room just to give you a little more detail about this guy.

This isn’t to emphasize the stereotype that if a guy is straight he’s into sports and if he’s gay, then he’s not.  I’ve seen the reverse be true more times than I can count.  Meaning the straight guy is uninterested in sports and the gay guy is racing home so that he doesn’t miss the big game.

James and I talked on the couch for a bit and he then said, “Well you know why I wanted you to come over today?   My {girlfriend’s} away and wanted to see if you wanted to experiment what we’ve been talking about, if you’re cool with that.”  I said, “Sure if this is what you want and you’re ready, then I’ll let you lead.”

He didn’t waste any time sitting up, grabbing the back of my neck with his hand and leaning in to kiss me.  He pulled away blushing a little with a slight smile surprised liking it, “Hmmm.  Interesting.”   He leaned back in getting more comfortable in kissing me again.  Only this time his other hand went down my shorts to feel me up and play with my dick a little.

Not to go into too much graphic detail on here, but in making a long story short we explored one another, yet I allowed him to have the majority of the leading and to go as far as he was comfortable with, then we could stop.

After we both climaxed he said, “Well I will say that it was better than I thought it would be.”   Guilt and panic suddenly set in him where he frantically started cleaning the living room like a mad man.   He said, “You don’t understand when she comes home she’ll smell it on me and will be able to tell.”  This might be true considering that the female senses are keener than the males.

Freud said everyone was born bisexual, and then we had the Kinsey effect that introduced to the naive world that sexuality isn’t all black and white.  There is a whole grey area existing that is rarely talked about.  It’s assumed you’re either gay or straight, and not both.  Yet this couldn’t be further from the truth.  Since I was a teen, I’ve had so many people share their private sexual fantasies and stories with me.  This is from those who are male, female, straight, gay and bi.  Add to this the research I’ve personally conducted in the sex world, I’ve discovered that sexuality is greyer than it is on one side or another.  The media and culture has ingrained it in people’s minds that it’s one or the other.  Not true.  The media doesn’t have a clue.

If you would like to share your personal sexual fantasies with me for a future book, please feel free to message me granting me permission.  I can assure you that your anonymity will be kept private.  If you just want to share your story, but do not want it to be used in any form except for my eyes only, then let me know that too.   Include details that you feel are relevant such as your gender, orientation, age.   Email: Kevinsbeach@aol.com

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