Venus moves direct June 27, 2012

Venus is slowing down to a crawl as it preps to move direct on Wednesday.   I notice so often that those around me quickly say “Thank God ‘this planet’ is direct, but were not necessarily out of the woods yet when that happens and that’s always forgotten.  Yeah, we can move forward, but move slowly.  I notice the issues and problems are still popping up and in abundance weeks AFTER a planet has gone direct.  The relationships are still falling apart or are rekindled as Venus is pushing forward.  The actual retrograde is a lot of waiting and re-evaluating how you’ve been doing things, eliminating etc.  Once it goes direct you can then apply that new mindset, but some may still find old debris in their wake on the road which is why were still affected by the transit after its moved forward.

Venus direct will bring a nice swing in energetic shifts to allow relationships to come in.  The truth is that Venus is still in Gemini until August!  Also, Saturn just went direct in Libra last night and this is the last 3 months of challenges and decisions in the partnerships we seek.  The combo of having a new attitude of how we give and receive love (Venus in Gemini) and the decision we each make to figure out the partnership and relationships we need is opening us all to allow the partner we need.  I advise to be patient and see the big picture that you only want the highest vibration of a partner to come into your life and it is aligning so that is possible.

Venus is slowly moving forward today prompting relationships to improve and allowing new romances to develop.  Whatever has transpired within each of us over the last six weeks, there have likely been changes in your relationships and at the very least in the way you view and think about them.  As irritating as this transit has been for some, the blessings in disguise are that it allows us to clear away anything and anyone that is out of integrity or steeped in lower energy.  It’s time to assess the changes that have occurred within you as you put into practice everything you’ve discovered about yourself and your relationships of all types since May.

Some have endured storms over rough seas over the last six weeks, but now the way is clear and smooth to release the need to experience the lessons you’ve endured.  It’ll still take a few days to several weeks for some to get back up to speed.   Any current relationship difficulties that have been lingering can be ironed out now.  If you’ve met someone new in the last month and a half it may likely dissolve before the end of August. Many around me have ended their previous relationships for good.  Others have re-worked their past relationships seeing that person in a new and improved light.  For those still on the look out for a new love, the fog is clearing up ahead so keep your eyes peeled as it’ll be safe to act on it.

Previous post on the Venus planet moving retrograde back on May 15, 2012:

Between now and the end of June you will notice that many people will be needier than usual. They will also be feeling heavily unloved and/or rejected. Some may even have tantrums that are disguised in the form of victimhood or martyrdom. This will not be a time to date or get involved with new people as the odds of it lasting will be slim and will most likely be over at some point into the Summer. If you do happen to meet someone now, take it slow, do not move forward. Wait until July and you will know if you were seeing it with rose colored glasses or not. Most likely you were blinded. Current friendships and relationships that have been rocky WILL end now. Others will question their current friendships and relationships and will axe those where they are no longer feeling fulfilled. Many will retreat, be distant or simply disappear for awhile.However, on the brighter side, many will find that people from the past, such as exes and former friends will be popping back up for unfinished business or closure. Those are the only relationships during this period that have a shot at being rekindled and reworked. You will know by the end of June if it’s a relationship that can start as a fresh new union. This energy is heavily due to planet Venus moving Retrograde. Test my hypothesis before you discredit it and notice if any of these things I’ve mentioned happen. Remember, Eros doesn’t always play fair…

Here’s a perfect Venus Retrograde example in action. Last time Venus moved retrograde was October 2010. When that happened, David Arquette and Courtney Cox filed for legal separation. Now Venus is in Retrograde again and the couple has announced their divorce!

If a relationship is strong enough to begin with it can withstand a vicious transit like Venus Retrograde, but when its bathed in issues that can’t be resolved or by calling a truce then it can tear them apart indefinitely:

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