Blogging Away 3-20-12

I’ve been good. There really hasn’t been much to say just because I’ve been absorbed with the usual.  Career work in the book universe which has been busy since January. Also been attracting in new friends and such into my circle this year as well. All of this is connected to my spiritual change last year as they’re more on my vibrational level while others have sort of quietly dissolved to a good degree. My whole outlook on things have altered. Many of us are shifting and changing though the past couple years to get where we all need to be and will be happier. 2012 December.

Plus – you also were privy to my massive cut back on Facebook removing a little over 300 people! It’s now down to about 230. This change in me is more apt to attracting new more improved people on my vibrational level and that can handle my array of interests. I mean who else do you know who can talk about angels, god and heaven one minute, and then going onto talking about men and sex the next. That’s two very, very different audiences, but only a handful can handle both topics with grace. Not to mention there is an arrogant air about me that not many are comfortable with and its just time to open the door for changes in my surroundings. You’re either on the bus or you’re not. I realized there are people I talk to and see regularly that aren’t even on my Facebook. There is a good chunk of people that I do know that are on it and are not very participative which is fine, but the whole dynamic has lost its magic for me.

Like you, I’ve also become bored with Facebook. That’s been ongoing over the years though and I think it’s kind of come to a head over the past year. I’m just not or haven’t been finding fulfillment that way. I’ll post once in awhile or like something, but I don’t know anymore – you’re experiencing it too a bit I think. We all are I assume. Also I just crave and participate more in person or phone time or outside fresh air time. I mean I’m not even posting pics of myself anymore or that’s greatly diminished. Not that I need to. The entire world has already seen every inch of my body. lol. Been there done that. 🙂 I’ve blocked my wall so I don’t have to keep monitoring it and cleaning it up.

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