Muscletech Neurocore – One of the best sports supplements I’ve tried

This stuff is a great uplifting energy booster. I don’t use this everyday because it’s very powerful and might create extra agitation and anxiety. I mainly use this on days where I’m working out and exercising. I’ll generally use 1, 1 1/2 or 2 scoops depending on what I feel I need.

I use it in the morning or by the afternoon at the latest, as it will keep you up. Literally from the point I take it I’m suddenly jolted more awake than usual. This effect begins to increase in the next 30 mins. to an hour. It grows even more powerful after that which is great, because that’s when I’m working out. I’m not sluggish. My reps are better than they usually are. I can jog further. Lift more weights.

I’ve noticed an increase in muscle tone because of this. It was probably weeks in when I thought, ‘oh wow I’ve got more fuller.’ Not in weight gain, but muscle tone. So it definitely assists in bulking up. Obviously you can’t take this and then go watch a movie. It’s to increase your stamina, strength and focus. This carries on throughout the rest of the day.

The warnings I’ve noticed is don’t take this in the morning if you’re going to work or not be moving around. It’s counterproductive and you crash early as well as you can become agitated by every little thing. When I don’t take it on those days I’ve noticed that goes away. Also if you’re sensitive to caffeine you shouldn’t take this, but I assume anyone sensitive to caffeine and adrenaline rushes wouldn’t be taking any sports supplements to begin with. You can assess your tolerance. Sometimes only 1/2 a scoop is necessary. I’ve taken a maximum of 2 on certain days, even though you can take as much as 3. There is a limit in a 24 hour period and for good reason.

I am pleased with this and I’ve tried many different supplements over the years. This one was definitely a nice surprise. I still have the one canister because it’s lasted so long since I don’t use it unnecessarily everyday. When I’m out I will be getting another one to have on hand.

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