I don’t have 800 friends, and neither do you. Facebook. Time to axe your friend list and do it now!

UPDATE 3/9/12:

I don’t have 800 friends, and neither do you.

Facebook is full of cliches, but one great thing about it is that every once in awhile, it forces you to take a good, hard look and see who is and who isn’t your friend. And so I am and did for the first time in my Facebook history. I removed over 200 people off my train.

They were all dead weight losers or simply dead to me. Some of them were guided to remove themselves which is great – one less thing for me to do. I’ve changed over the years and they have not grown or changed themselves. My vibration has risen dramatically and they’ve stayed as stupid as they are. Conflict. If I don’t KNOW you, you’re next!

Some won’t make the cut. Some have recently earned a cut. And some haven’t done anything except made a friend request, and in a weak moment, I accepted the request even though it came from someone I don’t know, have never met, and WILL never meet or ever engage with. Whoever is reading this obviously made the cut and for good reason. I combed through every entry thoroughly, but there could still be a few left out there I should’ve axed. If you feel like you fit that description and should be removed, then do it now, before I do. I will find you if I missed you. 🙂

I never said I was easy, in fact I’m known to be difficult, but those that really know me, know what I’m like. They are what matters, the rest is just excess fat.

I do have a warning clause to those adding me to think twice before they do. If they don’t read it then that’s their problem to wrestle with. Hopefully you will investigate people before you blindly ad them. And if you’ve got a over a 1,000 people that are actually valuable to you, then perhaps its time to create a group fan page instead.

It’ll feel good and has felt good to cull the herd. And, in some cases, it’ll feel a little sad.

But not that sad.

MySpace is a different dynamic and acts as a fan page.  That network is made up of mostly young fans of my books who I will never axe or cut. They can come and go as they please there.   I don’t operate Facebook as a fan page, but a personal page.

“Everytime I write something, I die a little bit, but no shit is worth doing, unless you’re willing to die for it.”

-Kevin Hunter

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