Madonna. Love her or hate her she reeled you all in at Super Bowl Halftime

The viewership of the SuperBowl game was slightly higher than last year. Last year was 111 million. This year was 111.3, but because it was higher if only by a smudge its still giving the network bragging rights to call this the most watched game of all time, which technically it is.

However, the Madonna Halftime show raised the viewer ship to a 114 million! This took the 111.3 viewership to an even higher note. The Madonna halftime show is the most watched halftime show of all time. Ironic since some live to knock the talented performer down because of how negative she makes them feel inside. They then spew that ugliness outward, but without any credibility. I don’t know how someone can despise her accept biased animosity which says more about them than anything else. It’s easier to criticize than to praise. Not much effort is involved in living in a negative space.

There is an uncomfortableness people have with a strong woman who is always in control and in charge. Then there is the ageism rebuttal as if you’re supposed to be cast out to pasture when you’re 40. You never hear about her engaging in drugs, drinking or gossip. It’s always her focus, determination, creative ability. Whether you like her music or not it’s difficult to not admire her work ethic, drive and talent. Anyone who goes out there and keeps going is always a positive force. And for 30 years straight no doubt. She’s a well oiled machine.

I don’t like to engage in stereotypes because I realize that there are those that are gay who tend to do that (and some straight people do the same). I say this because I know a lot of gay men who live for the Super Bowl and sports games in general every year. They’re not the obvious in your face gay so no one pays any attention. They only focus on the the other segments which is tiring and annoying all that the same time.

With that said, there is no doubt that probably more of those that are gay did tune into the Super Bowl, but my guess is they didn’t switch the tube on until about closer to half time. I found and heard many gay men and straight women vocalizing how excited they were to see Madonna perform at the Super Bowl days and even weeks in advance.

You can definitely attribute a higher viewership to the gay men and straight women specifically who wouldn’t normally be bothered to watch the game. Next year will be a test to see how the ratings do and whose performing. I believe that will make or break this being specifically for Madonna drawing them in or just more people out there interested in the Super Bowl. The population has increased and so has viewership each year.

Then again Madonna does create a stir and major interest all around the world.   She’s like Howard Stern where people who hate him listen to see what he’s going to say next. The public can’t help it and are drawn and sucked into that wrath. If I’m not into someone I have better things to do than to watch them perform and critique them as bad I can and then announce it to the world as if I have the market cornered on the matter. No, I watched Madonna because she’s a brilliant performer and I want to see a good show.

She does have the #1 album in 50 countries now and that album isn’t out for another 7 weeks so it could’ve been Madonna that is reeling them in. Were starving for good entertainment for a change and she always delivers.

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