JAGGER’S REVOLUTION: A Screenplay by Kevin Hunter

JAGGER’S REVOLUTION: A Screenplay by Kevin Hunter



GENRE:                         Drama/Romance

LOCATION (S):             Southern California Beach

BUDGET:                       Medium

CIRCA:                           Present

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LOGLINE: A dark peek into the modern day dating life of Jagger, an aristocratic beach thug, handsome tough writer who suffers blows loudly while wrestling with a hard biting crush on the hot lifeguard he keeps running into, and who just might be his ideal mate.


Dark and erotic are two themes this story has been assaulted with.  It’s a character piece and a study about one guy’s journey to find love.I’ve always thought of Jagger as someone on a mission, someone who isn’t shrunken back into hiding.  He almost refuses to be a remote guy even though that might be what’s observed when someone first sees him.  He’s a quiet terror; you almost aren’t sure what he’s capable of because he’s total anarchy and his own law.  The universe conspires to present this younger Australian guy, Garth, into his life, and he has this instantaneous attraction to him that he doesn’t quite understand.

The first thing I wanted to do with him was throw romance out the window, because I believe in love over romance, and there is a difference.  In Jagger’s world, romance is a destructive force.It’s a lie, whereas true love is a universal truth that he pursues.  I wanted to expose the current western romantic mythology that’s in place, which is that there is such a thing as happily ever after, or your prince charming will come.  What I’m saying is that most people have a frustrated relationship with that myth, and that indeed IT IS a myth.  If you’re in the present, looking for truth, then you’ll be more satisfied, and that’s a much more beautiful view of life.  I can personally distinguish between love and romance.  Romance in Jagger’s world is a delusion, but whereas love, the reality of love is much more everlasting, and in the end that’s what Jagger finds in the story with Garth. 

I’m portraying sexuality not from a guy’s point of view, but a particular guy’s point of view, and also a point of view on aggression when he reacts to being duped.  It’s not sexy for me to show the act of fighting, what’s more interesting to me is to show the real, true, emotional consequences of a damaged childhood or a relationship that is not at all fulfilling and fueling his spiral down into a rabbit hole.

I don’t think of him as hostile or loud-mouthed.  He’s a truth teller.  He’s honest.  He’s someone who has located all of his passion, and puts it into experiences and into words, and that’s where he’s located himself, he’s marginalized and lives on the fringes of things, engaged in himself until Garth comes along luckily, luckily for him. 

The main erotic scene happens in the climax of the story between the two leads.I’ve found that I’ve had to justify how it’s love.  It’s been described as graphic, but very sexy.  My reaction is of confusion, it’s not graphic, it’s poetic, and because when they do go to bed they are both, very interested in each other’s pleasure and to me that’s about love and not just mindless sex.  I wanted to treat the eroticism between them in a very incredible artful way. 

This isn’t a romantic comedy, but what I love about the formula of most romantic comedies is the journey you’re on.  You already know that these two people are going to get together, but the fun of it is waiting it out until the end when they finally do, the build-up, and the fantastic sexual tension that builds until you almost can’t take it, the traces of how the relationship slowly evolves.  In that sense it’s airy and distant because the lovers don’t truly converse on a massive level until the third act, I was thinking, “Sleepless in Seattle” and old crush romances like, “Sixteen Candles” getting the seemingly unobtainable popular boy in the end.  Jagger spends most of the story trying to get it together, dating the wrong people and dreaming of one he doesn’t really know and yet feels unusually connected to.  Whenever he runs into Garth, I wanted to hark back to those careless adolescent days when everything was starry eyed and beautiful just like in High School with your crush on the hunk.  When his love interest vanishes and is not in the picture he’s back wrestling with inner demons trying desperately to fix it all and climb out of it, but the hole is too deep.  As it so often happens, love does appear when you’re not looking and when it’s time, when it’s ready and that’s when you have magic. It takes a bunch of wrongs to get to a right.  The characters Garth and Jagger spend almost no time together until the inevitable conclusion at which point they meet officially, a minor miracle of romantic and erotic choreography.  I love that idea that sometimes the one for you is right in front of you and you don’t even know it.  Save the best for last.


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