I’m the Other Man – Married or committed to someone in a long term relationship means nothing to me.

Married or committed to someone in a long term relationship means nothing to me. The four guys that have expressed interest in me over the last few weeks I’ve discovered are all in serious relationships. That’s how its always been for me. I was always the other guy. I’m the one they want to take to bed, but not be involved with. I come to realize as the flirtations continue, “ohhhh you just want to get me naked and feel me up, but that’s it. Then you go home to the little man or woman you have waiting at home that isn’t giving you what you need.”

There’s a line in “Sunshine Cleaning” where she discovers this epitome as well. The line is matter of fact, but she says it very sadly, frustrated and alone: “I’m good at getting guys to want me. Not date or marry me. But want me. I’ve always been good at that.”

I believe in married committed relationships, but just haven’t met someone else who views it the same way I do.

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