The Adult Version of Rainbow Books; Wow it’s a gay novel with a sex and the city edge – Kevin Hunter

What some readers have said about Kevin Hunter’s book “Jagger’s Revolution”

kevin Hunter
Kevin HunterJAGGER’S REVOLUTION fan notes:

“Wow!  I just read a few pages of your book.  Hot!  Yum!  It’s almost like a jerk off reading.”

“It’s the adult version of Rainbow books.”

“The part about dates being only for sex is crude but true.”

“Eww you have girls sex in your book yuck!  But the Billy sex!  Mmm! Instant hard on reading.”

“If you did a book signing do you how many people would be slipping you their phone number after reading this?”

“I started reading your book and it’s really good by the way.”

“I’m reading your book and I get hard, then I get flaccid, hard, then flaccid again.  You say something that makes you stop and think, then it switches gears and I get hard again.”

“This book rocked truly my soul I loved it.”

“Wow it’s a gay novel with a sex and the city edge! luvs it!!!”

“It is hot over here and that book of yours only inflames things more”

“To see someone who understands that writing isn’t about fantasy as much as it is about re-creating life on the page. And the dedication is really something to admire. Crawling under the sheets is an expression loosely “Used to describe that instance when you bare all but you took it one step further.”

“Thank ya deeply for your book, for the kindness and preciousness…that book rocked truly my soul I loved it.  It was a beautiful story.”

“I just finished reading Jagger’s Revolution.  What an interesting guy, this author, I almost felt guilty reading some of it.  I was trying to come at it from an analytical perspective, but I couldn’t help but become secretly aroused by Jagger and his friends.  His book sort of gave me a ‘Rebel Without a Cause” feel, but with a lot more penetration.  That wasn’t a bad feeling.  Nice work.”

Kevin Hunter

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